...Inexplicable, like souls in dreams: St. Patrick's Day mix



In lieu of Fanmix Friday, I thought I’d give you all some music to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. This is all music that I listen to on a regular basis. Most of it I’ve been listening to for years and there are quite a few songs I found on CelticMP3s.com.

Hope you enjoy! Slainte mhaith!

  1. Cloonagroe Reel by Anton Emery
  2. Tobar Mhoire by Capercaillie
  3. Irish Epitaph by Dublin O’Shea
  4. Kiss Me I’m Irish by Gaelic Storm
  5. Raised on Black and Tans by Gaelic Storm
  6. Lon-Dubh (Blackbird) by Julie Fowlis
  7. Saints and Sinners by The Kreelers
  8. Siuil a Ruin by Lothlorien
  9. Over to Ireland by Martha Tilston
  10. Devil’s in the Kitchen by Prydein
  11. Black Mountainside by Rising Gael
  12. The Life of a Rover by Screaming Orphans
  13. Molly Malone by Skully
  14. Gra Dom Leonadh by The Swell Season
  15. Maggie’s Pancakes/In and Out of the Harbor by Wolfstone

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